If you have been through the unfortunate situation of being arrested, there are some things you need to understand before posting a bail. The price will depend on the judge´s decision. The judge has the final word in which one is allowed to post a bail and who´s not and if so, at what price. The truth is that judges have to follow the statutes of the state, and consider other relevant factors depending in each defendant. If you find yourself, or someone that you care about in a Irvine CA jail, Angels Bail Bonds (website: http://angelsbailbonds.com/irvine/) has 60 years of experience at your disposal and is the most reliable company when it comes to bail bonds.

These are some of the factors judges take into consideration when trying to post bail:

  • The seriousness of the crime: Usually the most severe the crime the higher the bail will be set. Also, the amount of evidence of conviction is a contributing factor in how to determine the bail bond amount.
  • Previous criminal record: If you have committed criminal activity before, also the higher the bail will be. For example, if the defendant is already on release on another criminal proceeding, or on probation or parole, the judge will set the bail higher or deny it. The bail can also be denied if the defendant has an outstanding warrant and they will have then to be kept in custody.
  • The danger to society: According to the penal code, public safety is the primary consideration for a bail. Sometimes a bail can be set higher when the defendant is proven to be a potential risk to the person filling the case or to the general public.
  • The defendant´s background: The detainee´s employment record, marital status, medical condition, financial resources and even relationship with the community matter.
  • Appearance in court or the risk of flight: The court can doubt the credibility of the defendant if there is probable cause or proof that he or she will plan to flee the state right after posting the bail.
  • Denying bail: The denial of bail only happens in certain situations such as when the defendant has mental issues or could obviously pose a threat to himself or others. Also if the accused has extensive ties to a community such as a family, job or with his/her neighborhood. If he doesn´t present any of those, he might not be trusted to return to trial.

Another factor that will determine the price of a bail is the nature of the crime. Depending on what was the crime the judge will consider if it was a misdemeanor or a felony. If the court granted the bail for the defendant, there is a major chance that he/she will need the assistance of a bail bond agent to post the bail as soon as possible. A bail bond agent will be able to put up the full bail amount and charge a percentage to the family or the person that is trying to get the defendant out. This video will help you to understand better the process of posting a bail once is approved.