Common Dangers Of a Leaky Roof

Roof leaks can develop for several reasons, improper roof installation, storm or wind damage and lack of maintenance. A roof leak repair must be the highest priority on your list of home maintenance issues. Most of the time, homeowners might think a leaky roof is just a structural problem, but it also entails health risks. If a roof leak is not addressed on time, the ceiling may collapse causing serious damage to your property. is the best option when it comes to water damage restoration, feel free to visit the website to ask any question you have and for contacting a professional to solve the problem.

These are some of the common risks of a leaking roof:

  1. Interior mold issues:  One of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof is mildew growth. Mold can spread throughout the house´s structure. Black mildew growth is rare, but even non-toxic black mold attacks wood framing, ceiling tiles and wall and floor coverings.
  2. Fire hazards for water damage: If your electrical wiring is in the attic or ceiling, a leaky roof could entail a fire threat from shorted wires. It is recommended to turn off electricity to the area that has been affected.
  3. Ceiling and walls: Plasterboard ceilings and walls are usually vulnerable to moisture damage. They are highly absorbent, and any moisture degrades the inherent strength of the panel. Moisture also adds an enormous amount of weight to a material that is specially designed to be dried and light weight. The added weight and degraded lateral strength can cause ceilings to collapse without warning.
  4. Increased termite risks: Termites live on cellulose based materials of wood, books, and vegetation. They also thrive in a humid environment. Timber wall frames that have been wet for an extended period and are unable to dry because of a lack of air circulation, also, being in constant contact with moisture create a perfect environment for termites. Once a termite colony establishes in a house, they are capable of consuming vast amounts of cellulose material in a short period.

But why is my roof leaking?

  1. Your flashings have cracked: Flashings are thin pieces of metal that are installed on the joints and under the shingles of your roof to create a water-resistant barrier which can be exposed or concealed over time.
  2. Broken shingles: Since shingles are the exterior layer of a roof, you will be able to identify missing shingles by seeing different colored patches on your roof, this happens due to heavy rains and high winds.
  3. Your vent boot is cracked: Roof vents are those things that look like small pipes sticking out of the top of your roof. The are used to avoid an excess of moisture from the inside of the house.
  4. Your gutters are clogged: Gutters are meant to help water travel away from the roof, but when a blockage of leave forms and get clogged, the water travel will stop.

Do not underestimate the severity of a leaky roof damage and the things that could cause to your home. If you are not sure of the magnitude of your roof leak, ask for professional help to examine the damage and give you a solution to repair the leaking roof. You can take a look at this video to see the causes of a leaking roof.