How to Fight Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a critical and frequent disorder in which the airways repeatedly obstruct during the patient’s sleep. For us to determine the existence of this syndrome, there should be a minimum of thirty pauses of apnea during the nocturnal rest, frequently associated with the awakening of the patient due to the sensation of lack of air.

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The disease begins to detect by the snoring and the sensation of tiredness during the day

Watch for snoring and your daily tiredness

The biggest problem with apnea is that it is a very discrete disease. People, as a rule, do not notice respiratory arrest. Dr. Teresa Canet says that it is usually detected earlier by couples than by patients themselves. “Snoring is the first symptom and, logically, people do not know if they snore or not,” he said.

Canet remarks that the most immediate consequence of apnea is “tiredness.” Lack of concentration and more irritable character an apparent reaction to a “poor quality dream.” As an added, getting up with the “pasty mouth” may also be another symptom detectable by the patient.

Long-term consequences

Snoring is not the only problem with apnea. “Fragmented and shallow sleep increases the chances of suffering a traffic accident or an occupational incident,” they point out from the Spanish Sleep Society.

Also, with the passage of time, apnea can generate different cardiorespiratory problems. In fact, in the most severe cases, you can multiply by two the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Obesity, a big problem for sleep apnea.

Being overweight is one of the most important risk factors for apnea. Jesus Guitérrez, 72, was diagnosed with this disease in 2006. Since then he has lost 18 kilos, and apneas have been reduced considerably.

Do not be scared: normality above all.

Neither medicines nor a substantial change in life. Jesús Gutiérrez is very optimistic about his illness. Your treatment, in addition to weight loss, is limited to wearing a face mask at night. When a patient is connected to a machine, the mask has the function of opening the airways to avoid apneas.

Guitérrez says that, in his case, he has not had problems getting “accustomed” to this treatment. Masks are the first solution for most patients with apnea. However, some of them are reluctant to this measure. Gutiérrez points out that, if there is a will, the remedy becomes “very bearable.” “Life can be normal,” he said.

Other health problems related to apnea

Apnea is related to different diseases, in addition to cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Teresa Canet, President of World Sleep Day, is Spain, explains that diabetes or hypertension may also be related to apneas.

Watch a video on cardiovascular diseases

For their part, the studies of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) coordinated by Dr. Hernando Pérez, analyze the possible association of apneas with Alzheimer’s. “Respiratory sleep disorders often lead to vascular lesions that in the long run can be a cause of dementia,” he adds.

The importance of early diagnosis.

Apnea is a very poorly diagnosed disease. It is crucial to help the doctor as he or she perceives any of the symptoms explained that will inform you and will give you tips on choosing the right mouthguard, especially for prolonged snoring and fatigue.